10 Million Dollar Earner Japan

In November 2000, a friend of mine recommended the Naturally Plus business to me. He said that the company started from the beginning with this one awesome product called SUPER LUTEIN, a nutritional supplement designed to promote not only eye health, but also overall wellbeing, and for about only $100 a month, it’s possible to start a very prosperous business.

I thought, “Can this really work?” I was very suspicious about it, but because of our friendship, and also because he’s a reliable person I’ve known for many years, I felt that I should accept and bought a bottle of SUPER LUTEIN.

I’ve tried working at a number of different of businesses over the years, experiencing many ups and downs, and at the time, was deep in debt and had reached the lowest point in my life. I was so lost I didn’t know what to do.

I was so determined to be successful that for over 20 years I studied the differences between people who succeed and people who don’t. As a result, I had this certain image in my mind that a successful person must be very capable, highly energetic, always aim higher and always want more. So, when I met some of the successful distributors in Naturally Plus, I was overwhelmed by their appearance – They seemed to be typical, average people; oh-so-ordinary that none of them matched my image of successful people in any way.

It was at that time I felt that no matter what your background is, anyone can succeed in Naturally Plus, and I decided to study the Naturally Plus compensation plan. After I gained a thorough understanding of its binary system, I came to the conclusion that teamwork is a much more important aspect to success than individual capacity.

In other businesses, success depends on how well you continuously improve your skills. But the Naturally Plus Binary System is designed to optimize the collective power of the team. Therefore, even if you’re just an average person with no special skills, you can achieve success by cooperating with other members as a team that shares the same goal.

By nature, deep inside their heart, humans have the instinct to be competitive. Competitive relationships between members affiliated with your Left and Right lines can raise conflicts. So another key for you to achieve success is creating a culture where people support each other despite their position in the organization. If you want people to help you, the best way is to approach someone else’s organization, offer to help them and set a good example yourself. The top leaders in Naturally Plus who joined over a decade ago have spent more than 10 years building a culture of cooperation. This is the Naturally Plus culture shared by our distributors. Today, Naturally Plus is supported by three pillars: great products, great system and great culture. All three are indispensable.

What I love about Naturally Plus is that you don’t have all the hassles and headaches that you would have with a more traditional business. Unlike traditional salespersons, in Naturally Plus all you need to do is to convey information about the products to people around you. This is how it works: you become curious; you try the product; you feel the benefits; and then you simply share your experience with other people. There’s no stocking products. There’s no shipping products. In fact, the company takes care of a lot of day-to-day details that you would expect to do yourself when you go into business. It’s really that simple. That’s why even the average elderly person can continuously receive a high income at Naturally Plus. There are numerous cases like this.

At Naturally Plus, you succeed by helping other people succeed. That is what you should focus on – supporting each other! It is a WIN-WIN business in the true sense.

I always tell people that this business is about looking for people who are interested in what you have to say. If he/she is not interested, being overly persistent is an unproductive way of spending your time. And you are probably annoying anyone that is not interested. Recognizing people who are interested in what you’re saying and knowing when’s the time to stop and move on is another key point.

One of the most important things to do is set your goal. Goals vary from person to person. Some people want to be healthy and beautiful. Some people want to have a little extra income. Some people want to take Naturally Plus as a full-time job in search of a respectable income; for example, $3000-3500 a month. Then some people may have the entrepreneurial spirit and aim for achieving financial wealth, say $10,000 a month. It’s very important to set your goal at the beginning, and then carefully plan how to achieve it. Of course, when you join in, Naturally Plus holds seminars and workshops that provide you with business insight.


If you ask me, “What is the core competence of Naturally Plus?” I would say it’s the Binary System. I’ve tried other direct-selling businesses in the past, and found that with breakaway or uni-level plans, if you fail to continuously improve your skills personally, success is not possible. But with the Naturally Plus Binary System, you’re never alone. You can depend on your team. Other key factors are that points are accumulated throughout your down-line, and Naturally Plus pays on a weekly basis. You can correlate this business to a point card: when the accumulated points reach a certain level, you can exchange them for cash.

I always tell the people I meet the following:

“Your life can be changed by making a simple choice. Why not try Naturally Plus as one option for creating income?”

In other business, you may succeed or you may fail. But in Naturally Plus, you may succeed, you may not succeed, but you will never fail. Why is that? It’s because there’s virtually no risk. You don’t have inventory and it requires no big investment. All you need to do is repeat one product every month. The product delivers such amazing results that the ongoing demand creates an enormous business opportunity. When you are sharing products like that, the business becomes almost self-evident.

Let’s say, after one year you’re not successful and you decide that this business is not for you. Even so, you’re not losing anything. Actually, you’re probably healthier after taking a high-quality product that’s made in Japan.

It’s a low-risk opportunity everyone should most definitely try!”


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